Hi, I’m Heather, the Founder and Integral Coach® here at Northern Lights.

If you’re here… something’s (or someone’s) brought you to my page.  I’d love to hear more about you and what brought you here.

So let’s start… Who are You?

Oh wait, before you answer that.  I’m not asking who are you – more specifically i’m interested in knowing who are You [deeply, inherently, You].
That’s a lot of what work I help you do through coaching: digging and rooting for a more solid sense of You.

If you’re here and we’re having this conversation, let’s first make sure you’re a good fit for the work I do.

   Persons I work with:

  • Identify themselves as a woman! Or a young lady, for the emerging women in my world.  Men, I love you… but women are where my greatest assets as a coach lie. Ladies ages 14+ are welcome.
  • Have a sense of spirituality in terms of how they relate to and/or connect with the world
  • Believe in their own internal compass (even if your needle’s gone wonky and that’s why you’re here).
  • Are ambitious about personal growth and mucking through the (often difficult) process – knowing that the hard work pays off big time
  • Don’t want to be paying a coach forever. I mean, you can pay me forever if you’d like, but my goal is to help you generate a sense of groundness where you’re currently feeling unstable and to leave you with tools that can guide you back there when you falter. Life’s messy – let’s be honest – faltering will happen!
  • Believe in the Mind-Body connection. It’s a huge underpinning to all the work we will do together. Sometimes the body has to move first… and than the mind will follow.

So now that I know a little bit about you, let me tell you some about myself.

I am a native to Northern Virginia, having been in this area most of my life.  Being raised in the hustle and bustle of suburbia, I am all to familiar with the unspoken beliefs about personal value and how it’s derived (often relating to quantifiable tasks I can accomplish, of course).  In an effort to break out of this relentless and unrewarding belief system, I began delving into spiritual and life altering practices… which eventually lead me here to You.

I am a Certified Integral Coach (through New Ventures West) as well as a 200-Hr Certified Yoga Instructor.

My coaching is collaborative, which means your personal coaching program has to seem right for you.  We’re really joining forces to explore a specific area of growth (your SAG) for you, and navigating it as a team.

My work is Integral, which means that it will focus on you as a whole and will likely translate into other areas of your life.  Though we’re going to focus on your SAG (tighten her up a bit), narrowing our focus to one small area of your life doesn’t honor and support the rest of your grandness.  You’re more than just a SAG, and having a broad understanding of your life will help me come up with a coaching program that meets your greatest needs.

If you want to know a little more about me… you can read my ‘about Heather’ page here.

What are some of the things you focus on with clients?

Glad you asked!

I work with clients on:

  • Balance [often referred to as that thing you see as you're swinging from one extreme to another]
  • Boundaries [Setting them, and not handing over the ever tempting ladder to climb over recently set boundary]
  • Relationships
  • Codependency
  • Transitions
  • Spiritual Deepening [Retuning to your internal compass when shit's gone haywire]
  • Body Love
  • Value Integration [Having our actions match our beliefs]

If you relate to any (or all) of this let’s talk!

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